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Why You Can’t Find/Hire Great People



Why You Can’t Find/Hire Great People

Hire Great People

Good Employees Are Hard to Find…Or Are They?

“It’s SO hard to find, hire and retain great people in my market!”

If you have ever spoken these words, 1 of the following 3 things is true:

1. You live in a town/city filled with complete imbeciles
2. You are a terrible employer
3. You suck at recruiting

Here’s the deal:

Great people/employees—those we’d call  “A Players”, are not surfing job ads on the internet—let alone in a newspaper (remember those?). They are working.

When they decide to stop working they are typically unemployed for a matter of hours, because they’re in demand.

So if you want to ATTRACT, HIRE, and RETAIN “A-PLAYERS,  you need to sell them on the idea that working for you would be cool—and you have less than 2 minutes to do that.

“What can I communicate in 2 minutes?!”

To Hire Great People, You Have to Attract What You Want & Repel What You Don’t

How about this:

1. Biggest business goal of 2017.
2. The employee journey.
3. What it is like to work there?
4. What would my co-workers be like?
5. Who are they looking for?
6. What sort of experience do I need?
7. What is the culture like?
8. What opportunities are there for me?

Remember, the A-Team can get a job anywhere. If you want them, you’ve gotta sell convince them. Don’t forget that not all A-Players are your A-Players. They’re probably great people, but are they a good fit for your bar or restaurant?

Below is a short (2 minute) video from Chin Chin, a restaurant group based out of Sydney, Australia. In this video (created by them), they successfully check all the boxes discussed above.

Click here to view the video


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