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Sean Finter provides bar and restaurant owners with the insight, the motivation and the roadmap to success. Whether your goals are to build an empire of bar and restaurants, or create an operation that runs on autopilot so you can enjoy more free time…Sean’s seminar will be your catalyst for change.

Sean delivers far more than theory—he provides actionable advice for bar & restaurant operators through masterful storytelling and decades of experience.

Sean offers speaking engagements in keynote, half-day and full-day formats.

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Speaking Topics

Bar Entrepreneur: 8 Techniques Used by the World’s Best Operators

Do you want to learn 8 simple strategies to help you grow your business without costing you any more time and energy?


How 8 Simple Strategies Can Grow Your Business, Without Costing More Time and Energy

Sean Finter coaches some of the best bar and restaurant entrepreneurs in the world.

He and his team at Barmetrix, have worked with over 6000 operators on topics like:

  • How to increase profits
  • Optimizing Guest Experience
  • Creating best-in-class service
  • Increasing Team Engagement

All while aggressively pursuing their own personal goals.

Sean believes that opening a bar or restaurant is the easy part—turning it into a profitable business while simultaneously creating freedom for the founder, is a code very few have cracked.

In this presentation, Sean shares the very best low and no-costs strategies he’s learned by studying the “Top 1%” of operators, helping you multiply results in your own business and life.

A seminar not to be missed.

Napkinomics Service Strategy

Napkinomics - Your Biz Plan should fit on the back of a napkin. Really.

If you can’t articulate your service strategy so it fits on the back of a napkin, you simply don’t have one.
The top 1% of operators understand that having a clear purpose motivates staff by understanding WHY they’re asked to do what they do.

The 1%ers also know that a handful of simple service steps and core values are enough to guide their teams to success.

Keep it simple!


  • Create a concise, simple service strategy that fits on the back of a napkin
  • Attract the right people to your business and repel the wrong ones
  • Articulate a step by step strategy for building repeat business
  • Define a simple set of outcomes to hold your team accountable for

Remarkable Guest Experiences

Bar & Restaurant Coach - Guest Experience is critical to your success

The top 1% of operators understand a simple fact about their guests—and that understanding translates into major profits.

They know that their guess are looking for an EXPERIENCE, not just great food and drinks. They also understand that the experience they deliver IS the business.

But, remarkable service doesn’t happen by accident—it happens by design.

In this session, you’ll learn exactly HOW and WHAT the most successful operators do to deliver memorable, world-class experiences for their guests.


  • Design a remarkable service system for your own business
  • Remove common service roadblocks that inhibit anything but a remarkable experience
  • Engage your team around creating a blueprint for your guests’ experience that they are excited to execute
  • Use the Remarkable by Design blueprint to look at your business through a new lens.

Smash Your Revenue Ceiling


Simple & effective strategies you can implement immediately to benefit your business.

This course focuses on how to make your business more profitable through low and/or no-cost capital investment.

We’ll help you develop a comprehensive strategy that will boost revenue and profits during peak trade hours.

The goal of the course is to help you identify areas within the bar workstation that can be ergonomically improved, as well as tools and techniques for improving your staff’s efficiency and speed.


  • Increase sales velocity during peak hours
  • Avoid delays and remove roadblocks from your operation
  • Learn the fundamental difference between Speed and Efficiency and how to optimize each
  • Create a formal transparent system to ensure you have the right people working the right shifts.

Profitability Foundations – How The Top 1% Do It

It's more than P & L. Learn what's missing in your business.

Millions who work in the hospitality industry are financially illiterate—from dishwashers to business owners.

Teaching business basics across the organization makes your company smarter, healthier and stronger.

Knowing how your company makes (and loses) money and how your position connects to the company’s bottom line is empowering.

Is it possible to share MORE, teach MORE, expect MORE and work LESS?

Yes, we know it is and we’ll teach you how.


  • Learn a simple reporting formula that literally puts your entire team on the same page
  • Engaging strategies to teach business basics to your team in 5 minutes or less
  • Start to measure critical aspects of your business previously believed to be “unattainable”
  • How to run effective meetings with clearly defined accountability