PROtrainer Software

$2,997.00 $1,297.00

Are your bartenders maximizing your revenue behind the bar? Are they making drinks the same way with the same look and taste for all your guests?

Do they know your cocktail recipes and serving sizes? Are they consistently over pouring — or worse under pouring when serving drinks?

What would it mean to your business if you could increase your sales by 10-20% during peak trading hours?

These are all the questions that the Barmetrix PROtrainer evaluation sessions can answer for you in 1 hour.

What you get:

  • More drinks per hour which means more revenue per hour
  • High quality drinks made with correct ingredients and serving sizes
  • More profits & less shrinkage due to over pouring of drinks
  • Less short changing customers by under pouring drinks
  • Fewer unhappy customers due to slow or inefficient bar staff
  • Happier customers due to more professional bar staff
  • A simple way to evaluate bar staff and rank them amongst their peers
  • A way for your management team to put the right staff in the right shifts

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