Napkinomics Course

$1,495.00 $995.00



If your service strategy doesn’t fit on the back of a napkin… you don’t have one!

Are you trying to drag your Millennial-aged employees along with a phone book-sized manual?

If your training is all regulations, you’re not setting your staff up for success. Barmetrix has proven, market-tested strategies to help your staff deliver consistently remarkable experiences.

And those remarkable experiences are what keep guests coming back time after time. To find out how much of your manual you can shred, call Barmetrix.

What you get:

  • Simple, easy-to-execute steps for service success
  • A service strategy that reflects YOUR core values
  • A full analysis of your current steps of service using the Barmetrix Touchpoint Exercise
  • Systems to anticipate and execute guests’ every need and wish
  • Methods to align your entire team on this simplified service strategy
  • One page outlining your service strategy that you can share with staff over and over, ensuring results



How it works

  • 6 x 90 minutes virtual training sessions over 6 weeks
  • Focus on 1 topic per week (see topics below)
  • Step by step implementation plan after each session
  • Special 2-hour implementation session at end of program to get system activated
  • Ongoing access to the Bar Business Entrepreneur Facebook group for support


Session 1: Business Purpose – Clarify the mission you are on, why you do what you do.

Session 2: Core Values – Define the uniting beliefs and principles that guide your team

Session 3: Service Strategy – Distill the 3 core steps to deliver on your why that everyone must follow

Session 4: Service Recovery – Outline the 4 – 6 steps required to rescue a service experience

Session 5: Guest Love & Hate – Identify the things guests love AND hate about your business

Session 6: Implementation Session – Bringing it all together and launching it into your business