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How to Get Back Your Time



How to Get Back Your Time

Hire a VA to get your time back

A common theme among many of our clients was being “Time poor”. How many of you currently have an executive assistant (EA) and/or the support of DEDICATED staff on your team to buy back 15- 20 hours per week each week?

Think about it. For $30/hour you could have a rock star backing you up to get really important shit done (often at a level better than you could do yourself).

Cameron Herold always has great EA’s. I asked him to send me his ad for ATTRACTING the right one for him.

I think you will find this useful….



AWESOME Dunbar exec with ADD seeks equally awesome, less ADDish executive/personal assistant (10-15 hrs/week) I’m looking for a personal assistant who’s excited to help by enabling me to be more productive and relaxed. This is only going to happen one way- you have to be fucking sharp, and think WAY outside the box.

There we go. My first f bomb. At least we got that out of the way early. 🙂 I’ll be delegating to you with less details than I should, and it’ll drive you bonkers at times- but we’ll laugh about it.

You’re still reading? Awesome.

The work will include a wide variety of tasks — from managing my calendar, booking clients, travel arrangements, making sure my flights are set and making sure my seats aren’t terrible, light grocery shopping, and setting up airport rides (a LOT of airport rides… I’m on the road about half the year). Versatility is key, and I need you to know how to make my life easier.

You’re going to spend a couple days with me seeing what my workflow and home life is like, then you’re going to tell me how to optimize it. You’re a master of everything you try- not because you’re great at everything, but because you don’t give up and you’re resourceful as all hell. There will be always be unique tasks to do, like picking out cool gifts for my girlfriend (she didn’t write this- I swear) to running for a last minute birthday gift for a 5th grader.

Tech savviness is important, too. I need somebody who is extremely comfortable online and eats, sleeps, and breathes iPhone & Macs. I have to click well with whoever I find, so a bit about me: I’m a dad (my boys are 8 and 10) and I’m a Burner. I’m laid back and I love life. Professionally, I’m an author, speaker, business coach…. I love what I do, but lets be clear– work is just the means to get to one hell of a retirement.

You can learn more about me from my website: and You’ll have a ton of exposure to global CEO’s- your phone demeanor should highlight how welcoming and sharp you are. I could use a bunch of help with writing copy too- creative and product-writing skills are a plus.  Examples of specific tasks include:

• Make sure all my speaking events are dialed- that means everything from air, hotel, coordinating with the event coordinators and making sure I’m set for when I arrive to speak. I’m afraid if I keep doing this, I’ll forget to show up for an event.

• Office stuff- bank deposits, book client meetings (I coach CEO’s), keep up database of clients & contacts, manage shipping of products sold via website, etc.

• Online research

• Marketing me to local Event Planners for speaking events

• Helping me market my book on social media, and online forums etc.

• Household maintenance (grocery shopping, dry cleaning, etc.)

• Miscellaneous errands: Get a vehicle washed, pick up prescriptions, make sure my car gets serviced/oil before the engine burns up, etc.

• Finding and managing household vendors (handyman, cleaners, etc.)

• Online shopping

• Calendar / schedule management

• Data entry & organization

• Detailed note-taking

• I have a more comprehensive list available if you’d like it.

I’m looking for someone who:

• Can come in and hit the ground running- truly make it their own.

• Is reliable and has strong follow-through

• Clicks well with me on a personal level

• Happily thrives working in a support role

• Has amazing attention to detail — “meticulous” and “perfectionist” should be labels you wear with pride

• Is extremely well-organized- you’ll be able to show me your systems and how you can help me streamline mine.

• Is versatile — able to task switch frequently, and enjoys learning new things fast.

• Is willing to schedule occasional evening or weekend work (planned in advance, and still within the 15-hour budget)

• Must have their own car and carry their own insurance.

Logistics: This is permanent, half-time contract work in Vancouver (Dunbar). I’m looking for someone who can come by the house perhaps 1/2 day per week (the schedule will have to work around my travel schedule); the other hours can be flexibly slotted in your schedule wherever you like. If you use a laptop that’d be awesome.

We’ll start with an initial contract of 6 weeks, so everyone can see whether things are a good fit. The first 6 weeks are at $15/hour; if you’re with me for 6 months, we’ll bump it to $20, and can then talk about adding in bonuses for sourcing (and booking) speaking events. If you knock my socks off and show me that you’re here for the long haul, we can talk about the speaking commissions before 6 months. Make me feel like you OWN this job, and we can work it in closer to the 2 month mark. I’m a capitalist– I want you to succeed and make as much money as you can along the way.

To apply, send an email with “EA: your favorite food” in the subject line (ie: EA: chili fries). Include a CV/resume, and answers to these three questions:

• What appeals to you about this role?

• Tell me about yourself — include links to your online profiles

• Why do you think you’d do well at this?



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