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Why Coaching


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Why Coaching? (The industry has changed…)

After 15 years of providing consulting services to over 6000 operations ranging from corner cocktail bars to billion dollar resorts—plus decades of first-hand experience in the industry—we had, of course, come to believe that “consulting” was the answer to many of the issues that beset operators.

While many of our clients saw improved revenues and many operators felt more confident about their teams and futures—when we unplugged from the business we often noticed a drop in performance (which was always a bit disheartening).

We were both surprised and disappointed that some of our clients weren’t reaching the potential we knew was possible for them.

So we took time out to study why this happening.

Was it us? Was it the client? Was it Trump?

We ruminated on this for weeks before we had a blinding realization—to get the results we were after, we needed to change our operating model.

Consulting Alone is Not Enough.

Hiring a consultant is great move if you need advice for a quick fix in a specific area, that’s limited in scope and in time, and is concerned with specific techniques, functions, procedures.

Consultants, by definition, are paid to swoop in, quickly identify problem areas and make suggestions for change. They are advisers who take the lead. The person or business paying for the consultant (usually) follows the instruction or suggestions provided.

It’s a transactional relationship.

Consultation was our original model, which is great if you only work with people who need short-term gains.

But we wanted more. Our clients deserved more.

What’s Missing In the Consultation Model?

In our experience, we found that a bar/restaurant consultant is frequently viewed as an outsider—not one of the team. Someone who comes into our backyard and tells us how to play ball.

It’s almost impossible to get management to buy into this type of program. They feel slighted, and understandably so. They know, you know, and the consultant knows, that once the consultation is done and recommendations have been made and given a test ride, that’s it.

The “expert” bails. Job completed….or so they say.

After many months of study and research we realized that the answer lay in the coaching model.

The Coaching Model is Better for Bar/Restaurant Operators

What is coaching exactly?

Responsibility_GraphicWe all know coaches from sports, but now coaching has carved out a whole new industry, touching a variety of specialties; finance, business, health and personal development.

The missing link between bar & restaurant consultants and truly positive change for clients is coaching.

There’s a reason the coaching industry has seen a recent boom. It works.

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine reported:

A global survey of coaching clients found that the mean return on investment for companies investing in coaching was seven times their investment.

And 25% of the companies in the survey reported an ROI of 10 to 49 times their initial investment.

Why Is Coaching More Effective?

The results are more significant with coaches because they approach working with clients with a totally different mind-set. A coach takes a 10,000 foot view of your business and you, personally.

Because coaches understand that any business is only a business because of people.

The obstacles you face in your business have likely been tackled by many other operators. But the solutions—real & lasting solutions—must be unique to your business, your culture, your expectations.

Coaches Dig Deeper

one-on-one-coachingWe get all these notions in our head that we believe to be fact. We start believing our own stories—no matter the truth. Without intervention (being coached), our beliefs become truth…if only in our own head.

Have you ever said, “I can’t seem to hire or retain good people” or “there are no good staff out there”?

But is this true?

A coach will encourage you to not accept the most convenient reason (excuse).

For example, which thought is more likely to lead to growth and empowerment; that you live in a community full of lazy bums OR that you’ve yet to learn best practice ways to hire good help?

You can either assign blame to the pool of potential employees (for which they can’t help not being found by you…) or take responsibility for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training/coaching new employees.

Our experience with thousands of clients, is that the latter thought can yield incredible breakthroughs in perspective, mindset and business performance.

The Coach’s Coach

During our period of reflection, we took our own medicine and hired a coach to coach us!

We learned how we could better serve our clients…

  • An effective coach understands the challenges you face, how you got to the place you find yourself now, and how to empower you to find effective, long-term solutions.
  • A good coach will point out areas where you need to improve, and will give you the tools to gain the insight you need to make lasting change.
  • Effective coaches are invested in your success, and hold you accountable.

A Simple Analogy – Teach a Man to Fish

If you’re hungry, would you rather someone give you one fish and walk away, or for someone to take the time to teach you how to fish, and stay with you until you can accomplish it on your own?

A Totally New Approach to Empowering Our Clients

Acceler8-logo-circleWe went back to drawing board and designed a new way to help our clients and the industry—and Acceler8 emerged..

The Acceler8 Coaching Program operates in a 12 month frame-work designed specifically for bar and restaurant owners and operators who are determined to stabilize and grow their operations. It provides the tools, coaching, peer group and structure to create long term sustainable change.

As far as we know, ours is the FIRST coaching program of this kind in the world.

We’ve already attracted some amazing bar and restaurant entrepreneurs who are excited to grow their businesses in our supportive 12 months framework.

To find more about how it all works CLICK HERE.