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Program Logistics


Program Logistics

The Acceler8 Coaching program is designed to support bar/ restaurant owners and senior leaders to stabilize and grow their businesses.

The program runs over 12-months, with members coming together every 16-weeks to the Barmetrix Leadership and Learning Centre in Annapolis (see Mastermind Intensives details below) to collaborate on projects that solve 6-figure problems in their businesses.

The goal of the program is to install a new (or improved) operating system that brings ‘10-up and 10-down’ i.e. a 10% increase in sales revenues and 10% decrease in costs.

The following components of the Acceler8 program are designed to work holistically together to help you achieve your most ambitious goals:

Mastermind Intensives

Surround yourself with high achieving industry professionals three times a year who are on the same journey as you. Educate. Share. Plan. Grow.

Acceler8 Coaching Group

Details at a glance

  • 40 industry peers from around North America and the world
  • Meet for 2 days every 16-weeks at Barmetrix Leadership and Learning Center, Annapolis, Maryland (
  • Day 1: Peer group shares + Education Block 1 + Forum group + Exclusive dinner
  • Day 2 : Strategic Lessons + Education Block 2 +100-Day Plan (out in time to get a late afternoon flight home)

Weekly Coaching Calls

Weekly facilitated group coaching calls with that you and your leadership team can use to share wins, access group intelligence, get coaching – and keep momentum!

Group Coaching Calls for Members

Details at a glance:

  • Run mid-week for 60 – 90mins
  • Facilitated by senior Barmetrix coaches
  • Ask for help and get immediate solutions
  • Interact with the group via online chat window

Exclusive Webinars

Monthly webinars featuring expert speakers from both inside and outside of the industry. Get perspective and get inspired by heavy-weight business professionals.

Webinars with Hospitality Industry Experts

Details at a glance:

  • Run monthly for 60mins
  • Interviewed by Barmetrix president, Sean Finter
  • Topics based on Acceler8 Thrive model

Forum Calls

Learn the formula that changes Sean’s life based on the Forum process as used by the Entrepreneurs Organization. Form a strong network of confidants. Breakthrough limiting barriers.

Learn secrets used by the Entrepreneurs Organization

Details at a glance:

  • Learning groups of 8.
  • Meet with your forum group 6 times a year.
  • Focus on the 4 key areas of your life; Business, Family. Community and Self.
  • Regular contact with group/ become confidants

Program Support

Facebook Group

Link into your peer network daily in closed group. Share experiences, ask questions and get answers when you need them.

Acceler8 Online Portal

Visit the exclusive Acceler8 online membership area 24/7 to access video training and resource to help with problem area – and share with your team.

Asana Project Management

Follow a proven system to set and achieve goals. Engage leaders in business to drive and leverage your efforts through others.

On-Ramp Process

Be guided through pre-work to identify/grade performance areas and get you ready for your first Mastermind Intensive.

2017/18 Acceler8 Program Calendar