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About Bar & Restaurant Coach


We exist to help Bar and Restaurant Entrepreneurs systemize, stabilize and scale their businesses.

Use this website to access free tools and templates, interviews with top bar and restaurant operators from across the world, and weekly tips to enhance your own operation.

For too long bar and restaurant owners have gone it alone, with little coaching support and only scant peer networks to fall back on when times got tough.

No longer.

We are committed to building a worldwide network of progressive bar and restaurant operators who are sharing,  learning and growing together to create better businesses and, perhaps far more importantly, better lifestyles for themselves.

We are proud of we do and what our clients have been able to accomplish with our help, making a positive difference to their teams, customers and communities.

Who is Barmetrix?

Acceler8 Coaching and are divisions of Barmetrix USA LLC.

Barmetrix is an international bar and restaurant consulting group, with over 20 offices globally. We have worked with over 6000 hospitality teams over the past 15 years from countries including Australia, Africa, Mexico, UK, Canada and the US.

Our mission is to

“Create positive change in the bar and restaurant industry”.

Our vision is to

Be the world’s #1 provider of information and support for Bar and Restaurant Entrepreneurs”.

Our Location

The Barmetrix HQ is at 59 Franklin St, Annapolis, MD, United States of America. We have established a purpose-built facility to bring the world’s top operators together to share, learn and grow.

Bar & Restaurant Coach - Learning & Leadership Center - Annapolis, MD

“Our door is always open to any and all bar and restaurant operators who would like to come through to see the facilities, have a chat and sip on a quality cocktail at one of our 3 custom-build in-house bars!”

  • Bar and Restaurant Coach - Downie Bar - Barmetrix HQ - Annapolis, MD
  • Custom Bar at Bar & Restaurant Coaching Training Center
  • Bar and restaurant consulting and coaching

Note: We also have a facility for off-site retreats, meetings and conferences.

Contact us here for more details.

866.454.7915 or

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