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3 Ideas from a Hospitality Master


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3 Ideas from a Hospitality Master

Hospitality Master Bobby Heugel

Is Hospitality Part of Your Core Business Values?

In this follow-up piece, Bobby Heugel explains what he believes is a fundamental miss-fire in our industry. Does the culture in your restaurant or bar business truly include extending hospitality to your guests and your staff? Many times we get so caught up in working in the day-to-day hustle of the business, and we can overlook or even neglect our own people.

People—who we all know don’t get paid a wage compensatory with their production, enthusiasm, or dedication.

The Value of Community

The best bar operators in the world all agree on a few key principles—one of which is the importance of creating and maintaining a work environment that emphasizes a sense of community and ownership. It’s a inate part of being human—we all long for a sense of belonging. We want to feel that our ideas, our efforts, our contributions are valued.

Heugel’s approach takes the concepts of community and hospitality and adds one more important ingredient: ownership.

When people become part of his many ventures, Bobby and his management teams commit to teaching everything they know.

  • Hospitality
  • Process
  • Leadership
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Communication
  • Transparency

Why? Because he’s committed to his values and culture.

Teaching New Industry Leaders

What if you could run a business and have so much faith in your staff and your industry, that you’d be willing to share everything you know about running a profitable and successful bar with everyone who wants to learn?

I’ll teach you how to be an owner.”

~Bobby Heugel

This week, we continue the conversion with Bobby and dig into some ideas not explored nearly enough such as:

  • What do we OWE our staff?
  • What is the biggest threat to our industry?
  • And how should we view our competitors?

Bobby_Heugel_Interview_2 from Barmetrix on Vimeo.

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